2018 Camp Meeting Reports


A  six-week  long  prayer  meeting  in  all  branches  and  Cell  Centre  locations  of  the Apostolic Faith work throughout Ghana preceded the 2018 Annual Camp-meeting Convention. This was done in order to get God’s maximum blessings and favour in the two-week Camp-meeting, which began on Sunday, 26th August 2018.

Preparatory activities leading up to the Camp-meeting included  construction of a small dormitory  to  augment  accommodation  provision  for  the  huge  number  of  delegates expected at the convention; painting of the one-storey Guest House; making residential accommodation arrangements outside the campgrounds for some of the delegates; and tidying up all the locations expected to accommodate participants who would come from far and near.

Before  the  commencement  of  the  2018  Camp-meeting,  a  Workers  and  Ministers’ Conference  was  held  on  Friday  24th   August  and  Saturday  25th   August  2018  on  the theme:  Fit for the Master’s Use .  The conference was used to remind ministers and workers that in order to be fit for service in the Kingdom of God, one must first be made fit for the Kingdom and then remain fit. In other word, one must be saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire, and remain in these graces. Daily consecration, we were told, was fundamental to making one fit for service in God’s Vineyard and that this  would  guarantee  continuous  acceptance  of  our  person  and  the  integrity  of  our service to God as His servants. God blessed the conference in a special way.


Participants came from parts of Ghana and beyond to attend the camp-meeting. We had delegates from all the 51 branch churches and Bible Study Centers across Ghana. We also  had  visitors  from  Nigeria,  Benin  Republic,  and  La  Cote  d’Ivoire.  Most of the delegates arrived on Thursday, 23rd August, 2018. We were blessed with the presence of  the  District  Superintendent  (DS)  of  our  work  in  West  and  Central  Africa,  Rev. Emmanuel Bayo Adeniran.

Two veteran ministers of the Gospel from the WECA Headquarters, Rev. Edet Bassey

(The Port Harcourt Regional Overseer) and Rev.  Segun Adeliyi (Ogun State District

Overseer), were also present.  In attendance also were Rev. Titus Itanola  (Deputy Director  of  Missions  Administration  at  WECA  Headquarters)  and  his  wife,  Sister Florence  Itanola.  The WECA Music Consultant, Rev.  John Aina with his wife, Sister Joan Aina, was also present.

Sermons and Teachings

The Camp-meeting began on 26th August, 2018 and ended on 9th September 2018. The theme of the Camp Meeting was: A LIFE WITHOUT BLEMISH. The first sermon at the opening of the Camp-meeting, which was presented by Rev. Bassey, was based on this theme.  Quoting  from  Psalms  15:1-5,  worshipers  were  reminded  that  a  life  without blemish  meant  walking  uprightly;  speaking  the  truth  from  the  heart;  and  engaging in righteous deeds. Such a life would automatically qualify one for spending eternity with the almighty God in Heaven.

The DS gave an inspiring message on Ambassadors for Christ.  He referred the congregation to Matthew 28:18 – 20 and 2 Corinthians 5: 17 – 21, reminding them that Jesus   Christ,   our   Saviour,   has   all   power   in   Heaven   and   earth,   and   as   His representatives we have nothing to fear because He would be with us at all times till the end of the world, and would provide for all our needs and fight our battles for us. There were other Spirit-filled sermons and teachings delivered at the Camp-meeting.  In addition  to  the  doctrinal  teachings  on  Justification,  Sanctification,  and  Baptism  of  the Holy Ghost, there were teachings on Will Thou Be Made Whole?; The Power of Prayer; Holiness and Integrity in the Household of Faith; and Holiness in Communication and Worship.  The  teachings  and  sermons  were  usually  followed  by  effectual  and  fervent prayers by the worshipers. Generally, attendance at the teachings and sermons was very encouraging.

Testimony Service

As   an   integral   part   of   our   formal   church   worship,   heart-warming   and   inspiring testimonies were given at the various meetings that were held during the Camp-meeting. A  sister  testified  to  the  power  of  God  to  deliver  from  a  vehicular  accident.  She was seriously  wounded  in  the  accident  to  the  extent  that  she  lost  her  memory  and  could hardly  understand  anything.  But  God  intervened  and  healed  her  completely  to  the extent that she could now teach a Sunday School class. A brother was returning from a religious event when he was attacked by armed robbers. But he knelt down and started praying;  God  miraculously  delivered  him  and  all  those  travelling  with  him.  Another brother  thanked  God  for  bringing  him  to  the  Gospel  because  he  was  an  asthmatic patient. But when he prayed through to the experiences of Salvation, Sanctification and Holy Ghost Baptism, God healed him of that sickness and today, after so many years, he still enjoys perfect health from the LORD.  A sister who has been having health challenges for some time related how she was wrongly diagnosed and was on wrong medication that compounded her problems. She collapsed one day but the children of God gathered around her and prayed fervently for her. God caused her to vomit certain horrible things from her stomach and that was how God restored her to perfect health. A brother testified that he was born into an idolatrous home and that there was a curse on his family that was taking the life of his siblings one by one.

When it was the turn of his immediate senior brother to die, because they were staying together, he told him that he was going back to their village to die, and surprisingly he died two days after reaching their village.  Now,  it  was  the  turn  of  the  brother  to  die  and  he  knew  that  death  was imminent, but in his fear he accompanied a member of this church to our church where he  prayed  through  to  his  three  Christian  experiences  of  Salvation,  Sanctification  and Holy Ghost Baptism. That was the end of the curse on their family; the brother is still living today after 16 years of accepting the Gospel.

Music Concert

This  year’s  Camp-meeting  Music  Concert  was  presented  on  Saturday,  1st  September 2018  by  the  combined  Choir  and  Orchestra  of  the  Apostolic  Faith  Churches  from Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Ghana. The Music Concert featured, among other things, works of the masters of classical music such as Franz Schubert (Symphony No. 5; 3rd Movement). Gloria (by Antonio Vivaldi); In Native Worth … from Creation No. 5 (by F. J. Haydn); Wonderful  Grace  of Jesus  (arr. by Jeff Cranfill); Down  by  the  River  Side  (by John Rutter); Kardelen (by Bora Bilgin); The Hallelujah Side (by Alfred Smith & Howard Entwistle); Rolling in the Deep (by Paul Epworth); and Every Time I Feel the Spirit (by William  Dawson).  Some inspiring local airs (What Shall I Do?  and  Den  Na  Onyame Ntumi Nye…by J. V. Armaah; Dzidzom Be Menye Yesu by Ken Kafui; and Yeedwiri by Yaw  Owusu  Asiama)  were  also  performed  by  the  Choir.  The highlight of the concert was the rendering of Every Time I Feel the Spirit piece conducted by Rev. John Aina. The  audience  was  captivated  by  his  peculiar  way  of  gesticulation  during  conducting. The  Concert  was  well  attended  by  3,264  people  from  all  walks  of  life  (consisting  of

1,665 males and 1,599 females).

Ordinance Services

Ordinance services were held on the last Friday of Camp meeting.   Ninety-seven (97 new converts, comprising seventy (47) males and thirty-five (50) females, were baptized in water.  What was heart-warming was that overwhelming majority of the converts were young people.  We praise God for bringing the youth to Himself and our prayer is that the LORD will keep them till He comes for His own. Five hundred and seventy-seven (577) people (272 males and 305 females) came together to observe the ordinances of Lord’s Supper and the Foot Washing. The brethren were beaming with smile as they partook  in  these  ordinances  and  sang  heartily  to  the  praise  of  the  LORD  who  has redeemed them by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Camp-meeting Statistics

We are very grateful to the almighty God for the numerous blessings that were received during the 2018 Camp meeting.  According to the final statistics received from the

Information  Centre,  a  total  of  213  people  were  saved,  105  were  sanctified,  46  were baptized  with  the  Holy  Ghost  and  fire,  170  people  healed  of  various  sicknesses  and diseases, 181 believers were re-anointed, and 96 people recorded other blessings from the Lord. This yields a total of 811 blessings received during the camp meeting.

Attendance at the first Sunday of the Camp meeting was 2,004 (comprising 1,058 males and  946  females),  while  attendance  at  the  second  Sunday  of  the  Camp meeting  was 2,754. Also, 2,298 worshipers were at the last Sunday of the Camp meeting. The week- day  Bible  Teachings  and  Evangelistic  Services  were  also  well  attended,  averaging around 1,200 per service.

Concluding Remarks & Appreciation

Throughout  the  2018  Camp meeting  there  were  round-the-clock  prayer  meetings  by Gospel Workers, coupled with zonal prayer meetings that saw various zones gathering together  after  evening  services  to  pray  for  God’s  blessing.  Furthermore, numerous prayers were also said for the 2018 Camp meeting by many people across the world for the success of the camp meeting. God did answer all these prayers as demonstrated by the   unprecedented   number   of   people   who   prayed   through   to   various   Christian experiences during these meetings. We give God all the glory!

Everything went well during the convention. We thank God for all that He did. We also thank everybody, known and unknown, seen and unseen, who contributed in one way or the other for the successful implementation of the 2018 Ghana Camp meeting. May God richly reward you all and count you worthy of eternal life in Jesus’ mighty name.

God bless you all.


Yours in-His-Service.

Rev. John Bekoe

National Overseer

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