2019 Camp Meeting Opening

We thank the Almighty God for granting us life to witness the Opening of the 2019 Ghana Camp-meeting. The theme captured for this year is “THE GOSPEL OF POWER AND EXPLOITS”. Preceding prayer meetings for this years camp-meeting has assured us that God is going to bless us bountifully this year.

The Camp-meeting was officially opened at about 8.30 am on Sunday 25th August, 2019 and the auditorium was filled right to the gallery. An organ prelude “Stand Up for Jesus” was played followed by the choir singing “I stand in Awe of Thee”. The congregation was led to sing “Conquerors and Over-comers”. This is to establish the victory already won to all present both on the campground and to those online right from the beginning of the meeting.

Children’s Program

The Children’s department from Accra Zone presented a program with songs and citations regarding the Power of God which can enable us to do exploits. Some of the songs from these little lips of the children department are; Let the power of the Lord come down, Silver and Gold Have I none, There is Power in the blood of Jesus, etc.  They also gave the audience  a small sketch on the blind man who was healed by God through Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate as well as one on when the Holy Ghost fire fell on the disciples at the Upper room.

Sunday School

Sunday School memory verses were said by representatives of the different language classes and everyone was ushered into various. The topic for the first Sunday school lesson was Deborah and Barak, Servants of God”.

The Lesson focused on how the Israelite kept going back and forth and how God delivered them from their enemies through God’s servants. Everyone was cautioned to stand firm in this christian pilgrimage and also be hasty to get back to God when they fall.

A few questions were answered after the class school session and “More Love to Thee” was rendered by all to close the 1st Sunday School for the 2019 Camp-meeting

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  1. Thanks to God Almighty for 2019 Camp meeting Thank God for the inspiration of the theme the Gospel of power and exploits He has started to manifest himself and He will continue to be with us throughout ontil we reach Eternity in Jesus name Amen.

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