2019 Camp Report

A six-week long prayer meeting in all branches and Cell Centre locations of the Apostolic Faith work throughout Ghana preceded the 2019 Annual Camp-meeting Convention.  The  prayer meetings were held to prepare us for the convention and to get the LORD’S choicest blessings on  everyone  who  would  attend  the  two-week  Camp-meeting,  which  began  on  Sunday,  25th August, 2019.

Preparatory  activities  leading  up  to  the  Camp-meeting  included  the  demolition  of  the  make- shift  Canteen  and  in  its  place  the  construction  of  a  multipurpose  three  storey-building. Thankfully, the decking of the first floor of the building was completed in time for use during the Camp-meeting. Other preparatory activities undertaken before the Camp-meeting included tidying up all the locations expected to accommodate participants who would come from far and near; painting; and making residential accommodation arrangements outside the campgrounds for some of the delegates.

Before the commencement of the 2019 Camp-meeting, a Workers and Ministers’ Conference was held on Friday 23rd August, 2019 on the theme: Holiness in our Relationships. We were reminded that one of the basic principles in the Bible regarding relationships is that we must choose with great care those with whom we closely associate because “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3). Wrong associations could set a snare for our souls; hence we should not be in any relationship that would defile us or hinder our spiritual growth.


Participants  came  from  parts  of  Ghana  and  beyond  to  attend  the  camp-meeting.  We had delegates from all the 51 branch churches and Bible Study Centers across Ghana. We also had visitors  from  Nigeria,  Benin  Republic,  South  Africa  and  La  Cote  d’Ivoire.  Most of  the delegates arrived on Thursday, 22nd August 2019.We were blessed with the presence of the District Superintendent (DS) of our work in West and Central Africa, Rev. Emmanuel Bayo Adeniran.

Two  veteran  ministers  of  the  Gospel  from  the  WECA  Headquarters,  Rev.  Edet Bassey  (the Akwa Ibom Regional Overseer) and Rev. Segun Adeliyi (Ogun State Regional Overseer), were also present.  In attendance also were Rev. Dotun Ewumi (Director of Worship and Music at WECA Headquarters) and Rev. Titus Itanola (Director of Publications at WECA Headquarters) and his wife, Sister Florence Itanola. The WECA Music Consultant, Rev. John Aina with his wife, Sister Joan Aina, was also present.

Sermons and Teachings

The Camp-meeting began on 25th August, 2019 and ended on 8th September 2019. The theme of the Camp Meeting was: THE GOSPEL OF POWER AND EXPLOITS. The first sermon at the opening of the Camp-meeting, which was presented by Rev. Bassey, was based on this theme. Quoting from Psalms 91, worshipers were reminded that God has made ample provision for the welfare, protection, security and other needs of His children. He admonished us that as we continue to worship God in righteousness and holiness we would experience His miraculous intervention, favour and power in our lives.

The  DS  gave  an  inspiring  message  on  Prayer:  A  Powerful  Tool  of  Spiritual  Influence.  He referred  the  congregation  to  Isaiah  40:  28  –  31;  41:  8  –  13  and  Matthew  28:  10,  18  –  20, reminding  them  that  the  secret  of  receiving  power  from  God  was  to  wait  on  Him.  As we tarried in prayer, God would move on our behalf and we would be unstoppable by the devil and his emissaries.  There  were  other  Spirit-filled  sermons  and  teachings  delivered  at  the Camp-meeting.

We  were  blessed  with  the  following  teachings:  The  Purifying  Power of the Blood; Restitution;  Accessing  the  Power through  Holy Ghost Baptism; Consecration  & The Danger of Worldliness; The Power of the Living Word; The Power in the Unity of Brethren &Forgiveness;  Experiencing  the  Power  of  God  at  Home;  and  The  Battle  for  the  Mind.  The teachings  and  sermons  were  usually  followed  by  effectual  and  fervent  prayers   by  the worshipers. Generally, attendance at the teachings and sermons was very encouraging.

Testimony Service

As an integral part of our formal church worship, heart-warming and inspiring testimonies were given at the various meetings that were held during the Camp-meeting. The Pastor of our work in Kumasi testified that her daughter went to church for instrument practice; on her way back home she joined a vehicle occupied by kidnappers who were taking her to a different destination. Fortunately, they met a police checkpoint and the police signaled the vehicle to stop for routine checks but it sped off. The police then requested for reinforcement, which eventually resulted in apprehending the driver and the ultimate release of the pastor’s daughter.

The wife of the Central Region Zonal Pastor testified that she attended a funeral service in Cape-coast where she sat close to a group of people who were conversing among themselves.

One man in the midst was chatting with her and others and asked her where she came from. The sister replied that she came from Antem.  The  man,  unknown  to  the  sister,  who  was  a spiritualist,  immediately started  telling about  the  experience  he  had  with  one  pastor  and  his wife who happened to live at the same Antem. The sister picked interest in the conversation and asked for more information from the man. The spiritualist said that a lady came to him to help  him  kill  one  Pastor  Seth  Acquah  and  his  wife,  Philomina  Acquah,  who  were  always praying and disturbing her spiritually. The spiritualist said he asked the lady why she came to him for this assignment since she could consult some fetish priests in Komenda, Kissie and other places to do it for her. The woman  then  told the spiritualist that she had  already tried killing them on several occasions but failed, citing one example that she went to a fetish priest and  his  wife  to  kill  the  pastor  and  the  wife,  but  when  the  priest  was  performing  his incantations to kill the Christian couple in presence of his own wife and the visitor, he was struck  by an  unknown  force  and  he  died  instantly.

That lady was still not satisfied because pastor  and  his  wife  were  always  praying  and  their  prayers  were  a  nuisance  to  her  spiritual work;  so  she  approached  the  spiritualist  to  help  “get  rid  of  them”.  However, when the spiritualist began to perform his incantations he was met with a huge obstacle that prevented him from continuing with the assignment to kill the brother and his wife. At that point, the spiritualist  told  the  lady  that  he  could  not  continue  with  the  task.  The sister then told the spiritualist that she was Mrs. Philomina Acquah, wife of Pastor Seth Acquah. The spiritualist began shaking like an aspen leaf and told the sister that they have found a right way and they must not stop praying because prayer works. A brother related in his testimony how he was delivered from a life of sin by the power in the Blood of Jesus and how he has subsequently been enjoying God’s marvelous protection, provision and deliverance.  He  stated  that  the LORD  has  delivered  him  from  armed  robbers  and  rescued  unscathed  from  an  accident involving  a  vehicle  that  somersaulted  several  times.  A sister testified by saying that, what brought her to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ was nightmares.

She would have nightmares anytime she slept whether in the night or afternoon, as a result she dreaded sleeping.  But she attended an Apostolic Faith Meeting where she heard a powerful sermon that made her decide to come back to the church. She was asked to pray for salvation; and when she humbled herself to submit to God she was saved and that was the end of her nightmares. Another sister stated in her testimony that her daughter was posted to teach in a village in Western Region where she assumed duty. One day the daughter’s pupils told her that they did not like her; she enquired why they did not like her and she was told that they had attempted to kill her several times but they could not succeed and their last attempt was when they  went  to  a  fetish  priest  who  told  them  that  he  saw  the  lady  completely  surrounded  by impregnable wall of massive fire and he could not do anything to harm the lady. That was how God delivered the sister’s daughter and kept her unharmed for about six years in that village. To God be all the glory!

Music Concert

This year’s Camp-meeting Music Concert was presented on Saturday, 31st August, 2019 by the combined Choir and Orchestra of the Apostolic Faith Churches from Nigeria, Benin Republic, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana.

The Music Concert featured, among other things, works of the masters of classical music such as E.L. Ashford (Lift Up Your Heads; Czardas (by Vittorio Monti); Salvation Has Been Brought Down (by Albert E. Bramley); Glory is Coming (by Pledger James); Getting Ready to Leave this World (by Luther Presley); Symphony No. 5 in C Minor – 1st Movement, Allegro (by L.V. Beethoven); and Triumphant March (by Giuseppe Verdi). Some inspiring local airs were also performed by the Choir. These include Jesus Siarfo by Yaw Sakyi Baidoo; Ebenezer arranged by Albert Edusei Dua; Efata Wo and Mete Ase Yi by Sam Asare Bediako; Suo Mo Mu by Emmanuel K. Atah; and Hye Me Ma by George Mensa Essilfie.  The highlight of the concert was the rendering of Suo Mo Mu and Hye Me Ma” pieces conducted by Rev. John Aina who turned 81 years of age this year. The Concert was well attended by 1,839 people from all walks of life (consisting of 886 males and 953 females).

The Youth also performed the 2019 Camp-meeting Youth Concert on Sunday, 1st September,

2019 under the theme; “God of Miracles”. Their splendid presentation of both classical and contemporary musical pieces was a clear indication that the church has well qualified talents who would take over the mantle of leadership in this area of our work.

The  musical  pieces  performed  by  the  Youth  Choir  and  Orchestra  included:  Fur  Elise  by L.V. Beethoven; Sonatina in C by M. Clementi; Jehovah Reigneth by S.K. Beazley; And the Glory  by  G.F.  Handel; Canon by J.  Pachelbel;  Hooked  On  Praises  arranged  by  John  Aina; Trumpet  Concerto  by  Wynton  Marsalis;  Ode  Yen  Bedu  Fie  by  Newlove  Annan;  Oh  Mawu Nuseto by Komi Sena Felegan; and Aseda Nwom by James Varrick Armah. The concert ended with a sketch on “Too Late to Pray” with a stage setting of worshippers praying at a prayer room most of whom were not ready when the Rapture occurred; which led to soul-searching and fervent prayers by those in attendance of the concert. The Youth Concert was well attended by 1,020 people from all walks of life (consisting of 503 males and 517 females).

Children’s Programme

Our young ones from Accra, Western, and Ada Zones took turns to present inspiring programmes on the theme of the Camp-meeting on the first, second and third Sundays of the Convention respectively.

Their various sketches from the Bible on the power in the Gospel, coupled with their recitations and songs, spoke to the hearts of all who were present. May God bless their teachers, and keep these children and use them mightily in future, if Jesus tarries.

Ordinance Services

Ordinance  services  were  held  on  the  last  Friday  of  Camp  meeting.  Ninety-seven  (73  new converts,  comprising  thirty-six  (36)  males  and  thirty-seven  (37)  females,  were  baptized  in water. What was heart-warming was that overwhelming majority of the converts were young people. We praise God for bringing the youth to Himself and our prayer is that the LORD will keep them till He comes for His own. Four hundred and seventy-nine (479) people (213 males and  266  females)  came  together  to  observe  the  ordinances  of  Lord’s  Supper  and  the  Foot Washing.


The brethren were beaming with smile as they partook in these ordinances and sang heartily to the praise of the LORD who has redeemed them by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The DS informed the brethren that the Lord would surprise them with His choicest blessings in the new spiritual year.

Camp-meeting Statistics

We are very grateful to the almighty God for the numerous blessings that were received during the 2019 Camp-meeting. According to the final statistics received from the Information Centre, a total of 251 people were saved, 115 were sanctified, 60 were baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire, 201 people healed of various sicknesses and diseases, 177 believers were re-anointed, and

159 people recorded other blessings from the Lord. This yields a total of 963 blessings received during the Camp-meeting.

Attendance at the first Sunday of the Camp-meeting was 1,565 (comprising 705 males and 860 females), while attendance at the second Sunday of the Camp-meeting was 2,003. Also, 1,803 worshipers were at the last Sunday of the Camp-meeting. The week-day Bible Teachings and Evangelistic Services were also well attended, averaging around 1,100 per service.

Concluding Remarks & Appreciation

Throughout the 2019 Camp-meeting there were round-the-clock prayer meetings by Gospel Workers, coupled with zonal prayer meetings that saw various zones gathering together after evening services to pray for God’s blessing. Furthermore, numerous prayers were also said for the 2019 Camp-meeting by many people across the world for the success of the Camp-meeting. God did answer all these prayers as demonstrated by the unprecedented number of people who prayed through to various Christian experiences during these meetings. We give God all the glory.

On  the  last  Saturday  of  the  Camp-meeting,  the  DS  was  able  to  travel  to  two  of  our  branch churches (one in Osei-Krodua and the other at Kasoa) to cut the sod for the commencement of the  construction  of  the  church  buildings.  Do pray for us that the two projects should be completed in record time.

We give God the glory that everything went well during the convention and we thank Him for all that He did to make the event a huge success. We also thank everybody, known and unknown, seen and unseen, who contributed in one way or the other for the successful implementation of the 2019 Ghana Camp-meeting.  May  God  richly  reward  you  all  and  count  you  worthy  of eternal life in Jesus’ mighty name.

God bless you all.

Yours in-His-Service.

Rev. John Bekoe
National Overseer