Baptismal Service 06-09-19

The much awaited baptismal service started at 9.30am. It’s a service where new converts that have received Christ and been saved are baptized in water. The service started as usual with an organ prelude and the Choir sang “Glory to God” after which T”ill We See Christ” followed as a solo.

The congregational song for this special service were; “Oh Lord, Will thy Pardon Accept” and Oh “Happy Day that Fixed my Choice”. Rev. Segun Adeleyi then led the opening prayer and a few announcement were made by the Ghana Overseer. He encouraged all present to make sure they don’t leave the camp grounds without a blessing as the last Sunday for the camp meeting

A total blessing of 752 was recorded:
Salvation – 206
Sanctification- 99
Baptism of The Holy Ghost- 46
Other Blessings-112

A special Song “Have Faith In God” was sang as a solo after the announcement and prior to the short sermon on “Water Baptism- Saved From Sin” by Rev. Seth Agbovi.

Scripture Readings:
Mathew 3:1-3;13-16
Mathew 28:19-20
Acts 10:44-48
Acts 8:36-38
Romans 6:4

We thank God for the blessings he has showered during this year’s camp meeting. And also for the teachings we’ve received throughout the camp meeting. We praying God to help keep what we’ve been taught. The only way to be baptized is when we’ve prayed through to salvation and have had our sins forgiven. The baptismal service is not a new thing but something that was done in the days of our Lord Jesus Christ. He made himself an example unto us. We who have the opportunity to take part of this must endeavor to do so, just like Philip who had his baptism right after he believed and was saved. When we go through water baptism we get the power to do service for God. We should continue to do the great commission. The Lord will give us the power he gave the Apostles to do his work. As we have come here and received power we should go back to our stations and do the work of God. The only thing that can hinder us from receiving our baptism is sin.

Water baptism does not wash us from our sins. Rather our sins must be washed through the blood of Jesus before we qualify for baptism. Baptism signifies us dying with Christ and resurrecting with Him in power to do His will. We are supposed to be saved before we take part of this ordinance. Baptism shows the world that we are dead to sin  and we must take note that it is done through  immersion in water and not sprinkling.

The candidates for baptism for the 2019 Ghana Camp meeting were encouraged and cautioned not to struggle with the ministers when being baptized.

Baptismal Songs
Stand up stand up for Jesus, Onward Christians Soldiers, My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee, Oh Jesus I Have Promised,, Hear The Trump Trump Of The Army, Ho! My Comrades,, Oh The Best Friend To Have Is Jesus, Where He May Lead Me, Christ Our Mighty Captain, Conquerors Now Are We, We Have Found The Golden Way.

All these songs were sung from joyous hearts with loud “AMEN” after every candidate being baptized.

A total of 73 people were baptized, comprising of 37 females and 36 Males.

The District Superintendent then gave exaltation and thanked God for the people that has received the Lord and had the opportunity of being baptized this morning.

The service ended with “To God be the Glory” as the closing song after which Bro. Dortu said the closing prayer.