Bible Teaching 03-09-19

The second week Bible Teaching started on Tuesday 4th September, 2019 at 9.30am with an organ prelude followed by the choir rendering “Stepping In The Light” and “The family of God” after which the Youth Director, Rev. K.T Eyison, led the congregation to  sing through three songs of the hymnal which are  “More Holiness Give Me”  “Brethren, Let us Walk Together”. Rev. Edet Bassey then said the opening prayer.

A few announcement was given by the Ghana overseer after which he mentioned recorded blessings as follows;

Total                                                 –           432

Saved                                               –           119
Sanctified                                         –           32
Baptism of the Holy Ghost               –           75
Healed                                             –           93
Re-anointed                                     –           57
Other Blessings                               –           56

The choir sang series of praises titled “Hooked on Praises” which was followed by testimonies were reserved for Ada zone, ushers and the Worship and Communication Department.

A brother testified of God healing him from a disease that lingered for 3months and receiving the blessings salvation, sanctification and the Holy Ghost. Another also praised God for promotion from being a bread maker to working in a mining company.
A solo “Love Lifted Me”, was rendered to end the testimony service after which the youth director Bro. K.T Eyison took over the pulpit to teach.

The theme for his teaching is; “Power in the Unity of Brethren and Forgiveness”. He read from Psalms 113:1-3 and stated that, once the church is united, God is in their midst and blessings follow. He encouraged the church to pray God to unite the church and that God cannot dwell among people where there is envying, jealousy, and backbiting.

He defined what Brethren means as a group of people sanctified walking in holiness and togetherness. God wants people who will dare to serve him to be holy as even in the wilderness. Exodus 30:22-30. Bro. K.T further mentioned that the oil is power unto Aaron and his children. May God sanctify and purify the church. Then glorious things will happen in the midst of the church.

Leviticus 25:18-21- Observe the Sabbath. If we obey God, He will bless us abundantly. All we have to do first is the little that is required of us by God and will do the rest. An example is the little prayer of Elijah which brought the fire down.

 There is strength in unity
Mark 3:21. The devil fears unity. When people are sanctified, he has no way to enter in.
Else, he will enter to sow discord among brethren. May we not be the absorbent ones through which the devil may use to sow discord but we can do this by asking God to sanctify us.  Bro. K.T made a statement to back the fact that, unity is strength. One lion that can kill an elephant cannot survive among wolves that move together, meaning, we need to pray for God to unite the church so that the brethren can stand together.

What brings unity?
John 17:17, 21-22.
The father, son and Holy Spirit are one. God requires us to be one.
Heb. 2:11-12.

Jesus called his disciples brethren.
Mathew 28:10

Mathew 5:23, 24- We are together and I may not intentionally step on your toe.
We should be conscious of what we do not to offend. Offences take people away from the church. Go and apologize to correct so that brethren remain brethren.

Mathew 6:12- we all need blessings of God.
Sometimes we are unwilling to forgive, but this is an instruction. If you cannot forgive, we should not expect same from God. God shows sympathy to us if we forgive. When you cry he will hear you because you forgive.

Forgiveness is not that easy. The disciples ask for more grace. We can do so.
Luke 17:3-5. The bible is a balanced diet and contains everything but some portions are not sweet. Like forgiveness. Such demands grace. If a sermon is preached and is hard, ask God to give grace to live accordingly.

John 6:53-56, 60, 66

Two groups heard the same hard sayings. One group prayed, the other left.  May God give you grace which is through salvation and sanctification. We are both weak but grace can help us to stand. God can help the weakest person.

An account of Joseph
Brothers were on the field and stayed long. Joseph was sent, looked for them to give them food. Such a person they planned to kill him. They enjoyed the food but sold him. Joseph suffered accusations in Potiphar’s house and imprisoned but he still did good. Even God did not tell him he would be great in the future. But he continued to do good. We should obey God even though we do not know what he has for us in the future. We pray God increase our faith to be able to forgive just as Joseph did with his brethren.

Gen 41:29, 30
In some situations, we need the grace of God because sometimes forgiveness will make us weep but love those who hate you, pray for them. That makes you a child of God.

Obey the leaders
1 Corinthians 1:10

If the leader says, we go left, we must do so. We must speak the same language, and move in one direction as a church. It takes faith to do that. There are some decisions so hard that the leader will make. You just endure and follow it. God is powerful to do his work no matter how we perceive the decision of the leader to be.

Phil 2:2; Acts 2:44; Acts 4:34, 35; Acts 2:46, 47
The church that is united grows stronger.

The bible teaching ended at 12.00pm with “Blessed be the Tie” sang from the Selected Gospel Song followed by the closing prayer rendered by Bro. Andy