Bible Teaching 05-09-19

The last bible teaching for 2019 Ghana Camp meeting started at 9.30am with an organ prelude followed by the Orchestra playing “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by the orchestra.The choir sang one local song followed by “Is Thy Heart Right With God”.

Rev. Edet Bassey led the congregation to sing “Thee will I love” “My anchor holds”,  “Ho, my comrades” and “Keep Close to Jesus” after which Rev. Adeniran ‘Bayo offered the opening  prayer.

During the Announcement, the District Superintendent, Rev. Adeniran ‘Bayo was welcomed to the camp meeting who also assured the church that God is in their midst and God wants everyone to connect with Him.  Baptismal Service was scheduled for the following day, Friday September 6, 2019 and all those interested were to meet a panel for due process and registration.

Blessings recorded so far are as follows;
Salvation – 182
Sanctification – 88
Baptism – 41
Healing – 129
Re-anointing – 120
Other Blessings – 99

Testimonies were reserved for those from Western zone after the choir sang “Pleasing to Thee”

Testimonies Summary
A man praised God for salvation, sanctification and Baptism of the Holy Ghost. He also thanked God for exceeding his expectations by building a house for him.

The District Superintendent also thanked God for saving him which instantly changed him as a teenager from drug addiction. He also thanked God for his sanctification and baptism of the Holy Ghost.

A woman thanked God that He delivered her from LPG fire outbreak in her home.

An Elderly Man testified that God called him to the church and saved, sanctified and baptized him with the Holy Spirit. He further mentioned that there was a time he was poisoned but God saved his life even though he had eaten the poisoned food.

“Search me oh Lord” was sang as a duet prior to the teacher of the day mounting the pulpit.

Summary of Bible Teaching
Rev. Edet Bassey taught on the theme “The Battle of the Mindas coined from Philippians 2:5 He explained that the mind is the gateway to the brain similar to a gate is to a house. Our mind is a gate with two different people standing: Jesus and the devil. The eyes, nose, etc bring information to the mind. Any information that enters is picked by the brain and then stored in the heart.
It is therefore important to guard the mind. In II Corinthians 11:3 and Romans 1:28, we are warned of corruption of the mind. In case one is corrupted, God is a able to deliver. Ezekiel 33:11. The spirit is calling men into Christ to save them.

Clear Biblical Examples
Adam and Eve – Genesis 3:1,6.
The devil put lust into Eve to deceive him. She saw the tree to be beautiful and desired of it. Watch what you see, hear. It would have a lasting impact on you.

Lot (Genesis 13:7-10)
In allowing Lot to choose for himself, the battle of the mind began in him. He chose a place near Sodom and Gomorrah because he saw it and desired of it. He later lost everything including his wife and properties. The youth especially must be careful of what they see.There will  be a battle of the mind to decide for the God or evil.

David -2 Samuel 11:2
David  beheld Uriahs wife and registered it in his heart. He took of her and killed her husband Uriah.

He saw and coveted the abominable things of Jericho. He lost his life and the entire family.

Luke 22:3

God delivers

God is able to deliver us no matter what. You must pray to be saved to be one of God’s own.Salvation is instantaneous. It is not an overcoming sin one by one or step by step.

The  Battle is eternal
The battle of the mind is forever and  fiercely.

How to win the battle of the mind

  • Meet God before man.
    Read the Bible and pray before anything else in the day. Joshua 1:8.
  • You must put on the Armour of God
    Ephesians 4:22-25,27; Ephesians 6:10, 11.
  • Young men and women must avoid pornography, misuse of social media, which affects the soul in negatively. We must focus on Jesus Christ. Whatever the challenges of may be life be, look upon Jesus. Everything in life is vanity.2 Timothy 2:4, Isaiah 26:3.
  • Be not swayed by the things of this world.  Psalms 73:2-6,28
    Watch your heart with all diligence.

Reward for Overcoming the battle of the Mind (Rev. 3:5)

What to open our  mind to? Philippians 4:8.
Nothing is truth more than the word of God. Isaiah 30:21

The Mantle on us
Elisha who desired of spiritual things. He took the mantle upon himself. He was focused till he saw Elias carried to heaven. The mantle is upon the youth now to win the battle of the mind and to do exploits for God.

The Teaching ended with people rushing to the altars as Stand Up For Jesus was rendred as the closing song, followed by a prayer by Rev. Joe Ansah.