Bible Teaching 30-08-19

The service begun with an organ prelude followed by the Orchestra playing and the choir singing “Is thy heart right with God”. “Search Me Oh God” was  also rendered as a duet.

The congregational was led in singing “All to Jesus I surrender”, “My Life My All”
and “Take My Life and Let it Be”.  Rev. Bassey then led the opening prayer.

A few nnouncements were given in the course of which blessings recorded was announced as follows;

Salvation              – 76
Sanctified             – 35
Baptism                – 18
Healing                – 60
Re-anoint             – 45
Other blessing     – 30

Total Number of 264 blessings

The testimony service was reserved for the foreigners after the Choir rendered an anthem “Is Your All On The Alter Laid?” “Submission” followed as the special song.

The Teacher for the day was Rev. Chuks Mba who taught on “Consecretion and the Danger of Worldliness”.

Consecration is giving yourself fully to the service of God. An acceptable sacrifice is done willingly and it has to be holy and acceptable to God. God wants us to present ourselves in a way in which He’ll be pleased with us. Consecration being that we sacrifice ourselves to God. We should allow God’s will to be done in our lives by consecrating our lives to God and He’ll be pleased with us.

For us to consecrate ourselves in a reasonable manner we have to be Obedient. Consecration is for everyone. God will save only when we make our mind to serve Him. We have to depart from evil in order to serve God. Everyone born is a sinner but we are only saved by grace. The gospel is a complete gospel and has power and blessings but it can only be accessed when we depart from evil. We can obtain favor and grace from God because Jesus died for us. And we can only receive from God when we are honest and sincere and God will answer.

Consecration is key to salvation when we confess and surrender all onto Him. We need to Consecrate also in order to receive sanctification. When we make people know our stand when we surrender all and submit ourselves to Him He’ll give us the power to do His work. Consecration goes on throughout our christian journey. A consecrated person is a peaceful person. God notices when we consecrate ourselves to him and he blesses us through it. Consecration brings temporary affliction or pain but it brings long term blessings. Anything we do or bring to God, He multiplies it. If we are consecrated we should show to God that we love him with all that we have. Consecration means we are willing to do whatever God asks us to do. Consecration lets people know the voice of God. Our works of consecration challenges God. If we fully consecrate ourselves to God, He will bless us and make us a blessing. We should ask from God but also asking Him at His will.

Conforming To The World
The world in this sense means sinful acts. We live in the world and perform our duties in the world but we should not be worldly. We shouldn’t be conformed to the world because it endangers our christian lives. Satan will bring persecution, trials and temptations. Sin is sin and there’s no little sin. The grace of God helps us to overcome all sins. Sin will take anybody to hell. To serve God we have to make a decision. Yielding to God is a personal decision and is done through determination. God is able to keep if we make up our mind. When we behave like people of the world we are not Christians. If we value our relationship with God and want to make heaven our home we need to abstain from sin. Everything holding us from serving God will pass away. AMEN!

The teaching ended with Thine, Thine Forever, Blessed Bond”.