Devotional Service 08-09-19

At 11:00am, the last Devotional Service of the 2019 camp-meeting was held. The orchestra played “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” and the choir also sang “Hye Me Ma” followed by a quartet “How long has it been?”
Rev. Adeniran ‘Bayo led the congregation to sing “To God be the Glory”, “Be Not Dismayed” after which Rev. Chucks Mba offered the opening prayer. The Ghana Overseer gave a few announcements and in the process welcomed the D.S, as well as appreciated all our foreign guests and each everyone who played a role and for coming to support us in our camp-meeting.

Record Blessings
Total  Number of Blessings recorded was 842
Salvation – 230
Salvation  – 105
Baptism –  55
Healing  – 156
Re-anointing – 166
Other Blessings – 130

The choir sang “Pray The Clouds Away”  as an Anthem and Rev. Titus Ntonola read the First Bible reading from Isaiah 40:28-34 followed by a special song “The Royal Telephone”.

Summary of Sermon
Preacher: Rev. Adeniran Bayo

Theme:  Prayer- A Powerful Tool of Spiritual Influence.

God wants us to know him in order for him to give us power. He’s everlasting and gives power to the weary.

How to Get power
Prayer is important and simply communication with God. If you want power over the situations of this life you must learn to wait or tarry  on God through prayer.

Never Fear for tomorrow 
Isaiah 41:10-13
We become servants of God when we receive our graces. He then gives us power to do exploit. When we wait on Him, he honours us and opens doors for us. It is important to tarry daily to see Gods wonders happen in our life.

All power is given to Jesus Mathew 28:10,18. If you ask  anything in the name of Jesus, he will do it however we must seek first the kingdom of God in order for all other things to be added unto us. When we receive God’s power to do exploits we get total victory in our endeavours. As far as we retain the power of God in us,  we would have power for victory over situations of life, without which we would experience spiritual power failure.

Abundance of God
When we wait on God he is also able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask him or expect from him. Ephesians 3:14 – 16. Jesus trusted in the power of his father when he was in human flesh and had to tarry in prayer, likewise must we also do. Spiritual problems need spiritual resources.
The disciples were asked to wait for power. We must tarry on Jesus then we will receive the anointing that brakes every yoke.

Prayers must be done in all seasons. It is necessary before, during and after every battle we face. If God says wait, you must wait. Don’t  be too busy not to pray else you would be too busy not to enjoy peace.

What can prayer do?
Prayer gives guidance.
Prayer gives children.
Prayer provides jobs.
Prayer heals.

The power in Elias- 2 kings 2:9
Elisha recognized the power of God in Elias.  He requested to get a double of Elias power.
If you have a promise, tarry and receive the promise from God. God interferes in the affairs of men. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Go out and pray and he will reward your effort. As you go let prayer be part of you daily, read his word and tarry till you receive his blessings. he will keep you till we meet again.

Rev. Bayo read the verses of “Prevailing Prayer” to the congregation and was used as the closing song after which Rev. Rev. Samuel Agbovi said the closing prayer..