Devotional Service 25-08-2019

The first Devotional Service started around 10.45 am with the Orchestra rendering “We Have Come Into His Presence” followed by “O Clap Your Hands” by the choir. The congregation joined in praising God with “O Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea”; “When Peace Like a River” all from the Collected Gospel Songs Hymn Book before the opening prayer by the Ghana Overseer.

During the announcement period, the Ghana Overseer Rev. John Bekoe welcomed the foreign guests and all present. He also read a few camp-meeting greetings that was received from other brethren in Africa and beyond followed by various announcements. It was key to let all gathered know that the Church is 75 years in Africa  and the Ghana Church marks it 10th anniversary since the dedication of the Tabernacle at Aplaku, where the Head-quarters is located.

The choir blessed us with “Let The Power of the  Lord Come Down” as an anthem, followed by Bro. Gustav Kissiedu giving us the scripture reading from Psalm 126: 1- 6. “Send the Fire” was rendered as a beautiful Octet preceding the sermon by Rev Edet Bassey.

The theme of the Camp-meeting was his main sermon topic and he made the audience aware that he is bringing unto us tidings of great joy. He referred to the rains which poured down early in the morning in Accra as a sign of showers of blessing that God is about to pour on us during this two (2) weeks camp-meeting.

Rev. Bassey explained what the gospel is. He stated that the gospel is good news and God has brought it to Ghana. According to him, If power is  the ability to do something, then the gospel of power is the power to do extraordinary things through God. He further made it known that God has has brought us good news and therefore we’ll have power over those things that has given people sleepless nights and persecution.

He also emphasized that divine protection comes from salvation which  enables us to receive God’s power to do exploits as well as the fact that God has the power to heal. This led to him throwing the challenge to all those who have any kind of diseases, be it fibroid, cancer,etc. to try God for the power in the Gospel. In the course of his preaching, he made references to the following bible texts; Psalm 91, Psalm 126:1-6; John 17:17; Luke 18:8; Genesis 32.

The sermon ended a few minutes to 1.00 pm with “I Know There’s Power In Jesus’ Blood” as the closing hymn followed by the closing prayer.

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