Ministers and Workers Conference- Camp-Meeting 2019

The 2019 Ghana Camp-meeting started with a Pre-ministers and workers conference which was held on Friday 23rd August, 2019 and Saturday 24th August, 2019.

The first day of the conference which brought about majority of the ministers and workers from parts of Ghana and beyond captured the theme “Holiness in Our Relationships”.  Some of the key areas discussed were the characteristics or patterns of behaviour which is expected to be seen in an individual with a pure and holy heart; the factors that build Christian relationships and the ones that hinder; as well as the process of establishing friendship that will be helpful to us spiritually. It ended with learning a song by all present titled “Cups of Cold Water”.


The 2nd day of the conference begun with a prelude “Saviour Like a Shepherd” rendered by the orchestra followed by the choir singing “His way with thee”. The audience were also engaged in a few hymns preceding the opening prayer. “One Day at a Time” was then rendered as the special song.

The Ghana overseer informed and introduced the former youth leader Bro. Charles Acheampong who was scheduled to have a seminar with all present on the theme “How to Set Goals and Achieve them”. Members present were enlightened on how to plan their life physically and spiritually by setting goals and making sure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.