New Church Building Projects (Sod-Cutting at Kasoa and J-Kodua Branches 07-09-19)

We are thankful to God for the blessings he has showered on us during this two (2) weeks camp meeting period. The Ghana Church was graced to perform sod-cutting for new church building projects at two (2) different venues which are Kasoa and J. Kodua, all at the Central Region. Through prayers and supplication, God has provided and acquired us lands for us to start building churches for these branches.

On the 7th September, 2019 which fell on the last Saturday of the Ghana Camp meeting, ministers, including the District Superintendent, Rev. E.A Adeniran, the Ghana Overseer Rev. John Bekoe, Rev. Segun Adeliyi etc.  with selected members of the choir and orchestra went to the two locations to cut sods at the lands where the two branches of the church will be built.

They praised God with instruments and singing as well as prayed, thanking God for the provision of these two places for his children to build and worship him. May His name be praised as he makes provision during the building projects. AMEN!