Revival and Evangelistic Service 03-09-19

The service began with a woodwind ensemble followed by a choir rendition “Precious Blood”. There was also a local collection, “Ohh Mawu Nuseto”. The congregation sang together with the choir “In Pity look Upon Me”, “Come to the Saviour Make No delay “, and “Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat “. Opening prayer was offered by the Benin overseer.

The congregation sang “Come ye that love Lord” prior to the testimonies. A woman testified of being saved at age 6 and also thanked God for healing her young child who had been electrocuted.
A young man also praised God for giving him a wife and successful delivery during childbirth.

The congregation was blessed with a sweet quartet “Weary Wanderer” after which Sis. Augustina Sowu, the Superintendent for the Elementary Dept. preached on the theme “Living Beautifully for the Lord”.

In Matthew 5:16, everyone was instructed to live to glorify God. The world do have standards but being saved from sin, Christians have standards to live beautifully for God. That is seen in the conduct of Christians even among the unsaved. The unsaved by your conduct will get to know God.

Luke 12:37, We have a charge that our lives must draw others to him. There is also a reward to faithful service. Our duty is to be ready and be mindful of the Lords coming. The greatest thing to get on this earth is to get saved. Not education or any earthly thing.

In John 5:1-4, Christians are exhorted to be in the Lord. Not in the world. Be patient when challenges come. Always look unto God. Many people rushed to pray at the altars as the service closed with “Blessed Invitation”, followed by a prayer by Bro. Dortu.