Revival and Evangelistic Service 04-09-19

The Evening Service started with an organ prelude as usual followed by a Trumpet solo. The Choir then rendered  “He Na Ne Me Yesu” (Who is My Jesus) and “Down On My Knees”

The congregational Songs before the opening prayer by Bro. K.T Eyison were; “Come o come, when Christ is calling”  and “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone”

The testimony period was reserved for the the Ada Zone and Nigeria Guests after a few announcement by the Ghana overseer. “Under His Wings  followed as a special song .

The preacher for the night was Bro. Seth Acquah from the Central zone of Ghana. He based his sermon on 1 Samuel 1 and Isaiah 41: 33

The preacher made the audience know that it’s natural that everyone has one problem or the other but the issue is how we go about solving those problems. He also made everyone aware that there’s no way we can solve our problems by ourselves until we come to Jesus.

Bro. Seth used his personal testimony as an example. He talked about about how he used to have nightmares and sleepless nights until he met Jesus in this gospel. He had told his pastor about this problems and he was enlightened that being in sin can result in such problems and that he needs to get saved. When he adhered to the pastors advise by praying and getting saved, that ended his problem.

He ensured the congregation that God will come to our aid with their problems that evening, just like Hannah who had a problem of being mocked just  because she had no children of her own but chose to go to the temple to pray. By the grace of God her problem was solved.

He further said that King Jesus is in our midst and the year 2019 will mark the turning point in our lives. All our problems no matter how big or small they may be will be gone if only we will bring them to God in prayer.

The service ended with the hymn “Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart” Followed by a prayer by Bro. Sammy Agbovie.