Revival and Evangelistic Service 05-09-19

The evening service started with an Organ prelude followed by “The Merry Peasant as a violin. The choir also rendered “On The Cross of Calvary”  after the french brethren from thee choir sang a special song. The congregation was then led in singing “There’s a Stranger at the door”, “If You are Tired of the Load of Your Sin” and “Just the same Today”.

The opening prayer was led by Rev. Titus Itanola after which the Ghana overseer gave a few announcement and mentioned that the testimony service is reserved for the Accra Zone.
“Why not now?” was sang as a quartet after the testimony period.

The Preacher for the service was Sis. Elizabeth Amoah- Kyei from Sekondi-Takoradi in the Western Region. She opened her sermon with scripture readings from Mathew 11:2-5 and II Kings 5:11.

She narrated the situation where John was in dire need in prison and had to call on Jesus. (Mathew 11:5) We’ve been here listening to teachings, sound doctrine, sacred music . All these are done to encourage us to pray for salvation and not to.go back the same. Jesus has saved souls that Satan has put in prison. God will set you free and you will be out of bondage and the shackles of sin. Why do you wait? Those who diligently sought for the lord are free. Many are looking for miracles going here and there and all these are to no avail. Naaman was looking for a different miracle but God through Elisha came down to heal him. The best miracle is getting your Graces after which all other miracles you want will follow. When Naaman humbled himself and obeyed, he was healed.God still works miracles, humble yourself and receive.

The short exhortation ended with “I Have a Precious Savior” as the closing hymn.