September 2019-Sermon Excerpts III 30-09-19

Abossey-Okai Branch- 30-09-19

Preacher: Sis. Christiana Ansah
Bible Reading: Hebrews 11:1-3, 32-37
Special Song: Have You Vowed a Vow
Topic: The Old Time Fire of our Fathers.

We usually make vows when we are in dying need of something. When we get what we want we make excuses and we don’t fulfill our part. God doesn't take delight in the vows of fools. People made challenging and serious vows in the Bible and even though it is naturally difficult to fulfill them they did. Example is Jephthah who was described as a mighty man of valour regardless of his background. (Judges 11).

When Ammon attacked Israel, after Israel has plunged into sin, they remembered Jephthah even though they had driven him away from his kindred because of his mother’s background. May grace always locate us. Jephthah lifted his voice and prayed and vowed unto God, that he will sacrifice anything that he meets on his way back from a victorious battle. Judges 11: 30, 31. He did win the battle but upon his return his daughter-the only child-came to meet him, he probably expected his dog. The bible said he rent his clothes. As much as it’s a difficult one Jephthah payed his vow.
Most of us make vows even at Salvation stage when we need it. The common ones rhymes like this; if u save me I will .....; Also when we need jobs especially when it’s difficult to get it and we have been waiting for long, we go to the extent of vowing the first month salary for God and but when the pay comes, we usually pass a statement like God understands, I just started the job so will pay part and complete later, or I will spread the amount…., etc.

A vow is a vow and we must go exactly by what we said to God or the terms we give him as at the point of our need, simply because that is what is recorded by him and we owe him that.

Also we must be prayerful enough to be conscious of the voice of God. Sometimes being able to hear the voice of God can help save someone or a whole nation just like Gideon. He felt his inadequacy when called. His band went to war without weapons. They followed the leader with obedience and the victory was won. When we pray for the spirit of Gideon to hear and obey, when God commands, victory will be ours. God raise the likes of Gideon in our midst.

We need to follow our leaders because they are representatives of God no matter what we think about them. Barak prayed and Deborah joined him as leaders to win the victory for Israel.  Samuel, who was a covenant child made by his mother, though he was a very little young boy followed and obeyed the voice of God, and God used him mightily. When we hear his voice we have to be confident and gather enough faith in him to obey what he says to us.

Jug 4. 14-16 Samson stood alone, single handedly in the gap when Judah his own brethren delivered him to the Philistines because he was troubling the Philistines. We don’t have to be afraid in times that we have to stand alone because Samson was alone too and fought on. God will give us the strength to overcome our enemies. We pray for the old time fire to be ignited in us.

1Sam17. 32. The race is not to the swift. There were soldiers in Israel who were afraid of Goliath but God did use little David. God can use a child if his heart is ready. All we have to do is to obey. May God raise up the likes of David in our midst when the uncircumcised Philistines are defying the armies of God.

Sis. Ansah cited her personal experience of when a child was convulsing at church and all the ministers gathered to pray. She heard the spirit whisper to her that she should get something for the child to drink, she was scared, besides it’s someone’s child and was wondering how it’s possible for the child to swallow in that state. She kept holding herself up instead of gathering faith to move until God used another sister to come directly to her to confirm that they should prepare tea for the child and surprisingly that’s what revived the child.

It is possible to hear the spirit talk to us, it does always but we just have to be spiritually conscious through prayer and obedience and also allow ourselves to be directed by it. Amen.

LA Branch - 30-09-19

Preacher: Rev. John Armah Okine
Theme: Yield NOT to TEMPTATION
Scripture readings: Judges 16:6-10, Genesis 39:7-11

As humans and most importantly as Christians we must be very careful and must not allow the devil and enemy of our soul to use us to do his bidding. We must REBUKE and REFUSE to work for the devil.

Temptations will surely come our way but we need to remember that even our Saviour and Master Jesus Christ was tempted; not once but several times yet He refused to yield to the devil and victory was His.

On our Christian journey, we will encounter so many temptations and trials but let’s always keep in mind that our good Lord says; His grace is sufficient for us” and He will see us through all.

Joseph became powerful and famous, due to the fact that he did not yield to temptation. He had a very favourable condition and if he had yielded to even take advantage of the circumstance presented to him, no one would know about it, but he knew there was an all-seeing eye and also the love for his God would not permit him to do so. Joseph was able to resist the temptation and may yearn to be like Joseph with earnest prayer not to fall for the temptations of the devil.

All we can do is call on the almighty God to assist us whenever we are faced with such a difficult situation.  He is the only one we can count on with assurance that he will be with us in times of such trials. God bless you.

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  1. I am greatly inspired by these sermons because they are a replica of the sermons of old that challenged hearts and transformed lives through ages. May God bless our Ministers.

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