Sunday School 01-09-19

The Second Sunday of the camp-meeting Sunday School begun with the choir rendering “Y3 Som Nyame )y3 )wanwani” followed by one congregational hymn “Christ Our Mighty Captain”
and the opening prayer by Rev. Sammy Agbovi .

The elementary class from the Western Zone presented a program with a short sketch on Ananias and Saphira after the choir rendered “Cry out and shout”.

The exhorted with a few bible citations that the power of God is same today and forever. Also that the gospel of power can heal any disease and raise dead and the people that know their God shall do exploit. They then processioned with “Let the fire fall”.

The Ghana Overseer commented after the children’s program that the gospel that is both of mercy and judgment cannot be mixed with sin just as water cannot mix with oil. He cautioned that judgment awaits those with sin in their hearts. A few sample of memory verses were said by the various language classes.

The Lesson for the Sunday School was; “The Blessings That Follow Willing Service” and was taught by “Sis. Christine Ansah” with the reading from Judges 5: 1-31.

Summary of Lesson

God used Deborah to win victory over Sisera. May God make us like Deborah. God does a lot for us and we must praise Him as Deborah did by singing praises as read in chapter 5. We can praise God even for things He’s yet to do for us.

God delivers.
He delivered Adam and eve from nakedness.
He delivered the Israelites from Egypt
We should always give glory to God. Anything we do well, is because of God.

Some of the tribes didn’t turn up. Willing service is integral to this lesson.  God rewards every service done willingly. All talents, no matter how least we see it are needed by God. Rueben, Gad, Dan , were indifferent and careless. That’s to say “Let others do it”. All these may be said of the tribes that didn’t go. God gives many promises but we must play our part and we must know for sure that if we don’t it, someone will do it.

The people of Meroz were cursed because they did nothing.  They were exterminated from the face of the earth. May we find something to do.

Those who went didn’t take any spoil. We shouldn’t expect pay from Services to God. God owes no man. He opens way for us to tap his blessings. Choose to give willingly.

The lesson ended with “Without Him I could Do Nothing” as a Solo by Bro. Albert.

Rev. Chucks Mba led the questions and review session after which “Gladly, Gladly, toiling for The Master” was rendered as the closing hymn followed by a prayer by Bro. Seth Acquah from the Central region zone.