Sunday School 08-09-19

The last day of the camp meeting commenced at 8.30am with the Sunday school service. The organ prelude was followed by “Captain of Israel” sang by the choir. Bro. Williams Addy led the congregation to sing “Just obey” and “Jesus Will Be With You”. Rev. Segun Adeliyi led the opening prayer. The choir then sang Your grace and mercy.

The elementary class from the Ada zone performed a sketch in line with the camp meeting the theme, “The gospel of Power and Exploit”. They demonstrated the power of God in Paul and Silas old when they cast out demons and how God opened prison door for them. The children  marched away after their program, singing Go and tell the story with the congregation. Rev. Joe Ansah then sampled a few people to recite the memory verses from the various language classes and departments..


Summary of Sunday School Lesson
Theme: The call of Gideon
Text: Judges 6:1-40
Teacher: Bro. Emmanuel Acquah.

Why the call of Gideon?
Israel backslided and were in captivity once  more for seven years in Median. While in oppression, there were a faithful few. They cried unto God for deliverance. That should be same to everyone in oppression.  God hearkened unto them and had and showed them mercy. answered and called Gideon to lead them to deliverance.

An angel appeared unto Gideon
When Gideon hid himself away from the Midianites at the wine-press and there, the angel appeared unto him and assured him God was with them. Gideon questioned, if God was with them, why are they oppressed? He then found out that it was because of idol worship.

Gideon’s Humility
Gideon complained he was least in his father’s house. He realized the call was from God but humbled himself. We need to be humble. Everything we possess is from God so we must humble.

Removing the obstacle
Gideon destroyed the altar of Baal after knowing their oppression is because idolatry. We must leave everything that weigh us down. Gideon was diligent t to follow the instructions of God.

Baal couldn’t save itself
People read us more than the Bible. The people knew it was Gideon that destroyed Baal. They wanted to kill Gideon. People will be against you in doing the will of God. Joash, Gideon’s father requested that Baal should fight for himself if it has power and not the people. We see that the power of God surpass all other powers.

Gideon called others
He blew the trumpet to call others to fight the Midians. The tribe of Asher, who hid during the fight against Canaanites, also left their comfort zone and joined in the fight.

God’s Assurance
Gideon wanted to be sure God was with them. He requested a sign of the fleece. God gave him the sign of total victory. God will surely give us total victory too. We have the power of God which we see in the testimonies of brethren.  This is much assurance of God with us.

The Sunday School classes ended with a solo “Here I’m I, Send me” followed by the Sunday School review led by Rev. Edet Bassey.

The congregation sang Jesus our King and Rev. Seth Agbovi prayed to close the Sunday school Service.