Youth Service 03-09-19

The youth held another inspiring service on Tuesday, September 3 at 2:30pm. After the organ preluded the choir sang “Follow On.” The Youth Leader from Ada zone led the congregation to sing “I was once a Sinner”,  “I know there’s power”, I am so glad, and Would Thy be Made Whole. Sis. Emelia Amissah offered the opening prayer.

The National Youth Leader welcomed everyone especially guests from Porter’s Cottage. He gave a few announcements and encouraged punctuality to services.

During the testimonies period a young man thanked God for being saved, sanctified and for healing. A young lady also thanked God for saving her and giving her scholarship throughout the three years in Senior High School.

The choir sang “Heavenly Sunlight”  after which the Ada Zonal Youth Leader, Bro. Marron Adjaottor, exhorted the youth on the theme “Would Thou be Made Whole.” He assured that God would bless everyone and based John 5:3-9 to exhort those who would be faithful in prayers that they would receive blessings from God.  We live in a world full of sins but those who would be saved genuinely would able to live without sin because the spirit of God would dwell in them.  He encouraged others with various problems to get forward and pray for God to roll their problems away.

Closing song was Pass me not oh Gentle Saviour and Bro. Gabriel Opoku offered the closing prayer.