Youth Service 06-09-19

The youth gathered once again on Friday 06-09-19 to have the service at 2.30 pm. The service started with an organ prelude followed by the orchestra. The Choir sang “Whosoever Will” after which the congregation was led in singing “Come Oh Come When Christ is Calling” and “I heard the Voice of Jesus Say”.

After the opening prayer by Bro. Innusah, a few announcement was given by the national youth leader followed by testimonies. “He Touched Me” was rendered as a special song and Sis. Marilyn Dennis, the officiating minister for the youth service mounted the pulpit.

Scripture readings for her short sermon were Acts 1:8 and  Genesis 1:26.


Sis. Dennis explained how the disciples received power to do exploits. They were given instructions to go and wait for it and when they obeyed they received it. When we get the power, the exploits we will do will win Ghana for Christ. When Jesus called his disciples, they left whatever they were doing and they followed Him. God called us to go into the world and preach the gospel. We have been called to do exploits. When we receive the baptism of the holy Ghost, It means power for service .Whatever we do for God, we should do it with all our heart. After the Graces, we will have to work for him. When we work for the lord with our hearts, He gives us power to do exploits .”They that know their God will do exploits” We need to be complete in order to win more souls for God.
When we claim the power, our souls will be filled and we can claim what we want. AMEN!

The service ended with the Hymn “All to Christ I Owe”.