Youth Street Evangelism 29-08-19


The youth organized a street Evangelism program on Thursday 29-08-18 just after the bible teaching at 1.30 pm.

The team, which comprised teenagers, youth executives and led by  the National Youth Leader assembled at the church premises and were briefed on the program and assigned various roles to individual members.


At about 2.00 pm, the team processioned through the Aplaku township to the old barrier. The team  was beautifully arranged to include the females, the orchestra and the Male youth accordingly.


Altogether, the team sang and played on the instruments whilst others invited people using our tracts, magazine, flyers and other outreach materials along the way. A number of placards with inspiring words were displayed strategically for the public.


At Old Barrier,  the team pitched, with singing, playing and sharing of the literature materials. The National Youth Leader addressed the public through the megaphones. He spoke on the urgency of Christ coming, the need to have sins forgiven, as well as the power in the blood of the lamb to heal and destroy sin in the life of people. He also announced the two-weeks camp-meeting of the church at Aplaku and invited them to partake in the glorious assembly of members across the country. The message was also interpreted into Twi. It’s well noting of the keenness the people listened and accepted the literature materials. The youth leader ended the exhortation with a powerful closing prayer.

At about 3pm the buses conveyed everyone to the church premises. About 100 youth participated in this outreach program.

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