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We are a bible believing church


We are a bible-believing church, devoted to upholding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our focus is to worship God through music, share and be encouraged by testimonies of God’s work in our lives today as well as to offer and listen to useful, significant bible-based sermons.


The Apostolic Faith Church is a worldwide Christian organization, with headquarters in Portland, Oregon. As a Trinitarian and fundamental church, our doctrinal beliefs are the basic Bible truths, including the definite experiences of salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Since its founding in 1906, our organization has grown and established branch churches across the United States and around the world.

All our congregations enjoy a warm and traditional environment, where we endeavor to preach the Word of God in its fullness and integrity. We currently have more than fifty locations in the United States, and our international outreach extends to most continents, including more than six hundred congregations in Nigeria alone.

A primary means of evangelism in the Apostolic Faith Church is the printing and distribution of Christian literature. We publish a quarterly magazine entitled Higher Way, which is designed to encourage spiritual growth in believers. We also print numerous pamphlets and small booklets meant to lead people to the Lord, and most of them are available in our Library. A unique feature of this ministry is that most of our publications are printed and mailed throughout the world free of charge. In over ninety years of literature ministry, God has provided financially for this outreach through tithes and offerings, though collections are never taken in our services. 

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The Apostolic Faith Church is conservative in nature, following a tradition of Wesleyan holiness taught and practiced by those whom the Holy Spirit descended on at the Azusa Street Revival.

Service Schedules


Sunday school- 9:00am
Devotional Service- 10.45am
Evangelistic Service- 4.00pm

Youth Service
Every 4th Sunday- 2.30pm

Wednesdays (Prayers)- 6.30pm
Fridays (Bible Study)- 6:30pm


Apostolic Faith Church Ghana

P.O. Box GP 801, Accra-Ghana


Aplaku Chapel Hill, Off Old Weija- Barrier, Near Crown Liberty Hotel

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